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“FNM General Trading LLC operates a sustainable business model mindful of the four pillars of business – customers, employees, brand partners and owners that bodes well for its long term financial stability. This business model incorporates maintaining strong customer and industry relations built on trust, openness and understanding. The business model also emphasizes strong ties through a focused approach.

The company sources, stocks and supplies a broad range of products for construction, oil and gas and mining industry. These market leading products are sourced from high end manufacturers (brand partners), using high grade materials to produce market leading brands. FNM General Trading LLC is responsive and flexible, continually striving to add new and cutting edge products and business strategies designed to meet the ever changing markets and customer needs.

The company’s products for a broad range of categories such as Conplete Lighting Solutions Indoor and Outdoor Commercial and Industrial Led Lighting Normal and Solar Lighting, Garden Lights and Street Lights and Marine Parts and Natural Plants division in Fujairah UAE.

We commit only what we can deliver, our word is our bond, we prove and maintain constant credibility by consistently delivering on our commitments through which we earn respect of those around us.”


We leverage our experience and intelligence to to secure the best deals and partnerships across the world.
Our Mission

To be the number one leader in sourcing and supplying qualities goods and services.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable and trustworthy trading and procurement company in the UAE.

Our Goals

We aim to deliver quality products to customers and superior returns to shareholders.

We Provide the Following Services to Clients in The UAE And Across the World.

Advantage working with us

FNM is a reputable and growing general trading in Dubai serving the UAE and the world. Our benefits are far-reaching:
Global Presence

We boast on the ground presence in all key markets and topnotch reputation in the borders we operate.

Experience & Expertise

We leverage our experience and intelligence to to secure the best deals and partnerships across the world


A highly flexible and tailored service which is customized to the individual needs of our customers and clients.


FNM strongly believes in creating future together notion, based on transparency and honesty with customers.


Loyalty is earned, and we do this by providing world class products and being noted for quality and assurance.

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