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FNM ECommerce Service provider in UAE is renowned for its capability and novelty to always reinvent operations with seasons, and so we have curved our own niche in the e-commerce business.

We manage ECommerce platforms for both our in-house products and external brands of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America to directly service customers and bridging the gap in the e-commerce market.

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FNM General Trading Dubai company also offers solutions for sellers who want to have their products sold on our platform. We market their products on our various portals by playing the role of associate resellers in the global market.
Whether it is our in-house products or goods from our esteemed partners, FNM is strategically prepared to ensure the utmost quality of products and even distribution to customers, in a seamless, affordable, and safer fashion.
Warehousing, distribution, and ECommerce solutions- FNM General Trading Dubai company is capable of navigating through the challenges of this sensitive sector.
Whether you source your products from Africa, Europe, GCC, or Asia, FNM boasts solid infrastructure and capabilities to manage any kind of logistics complexities.
Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions comprise everything from global distribution, e-commerce warehousing, e-commerce shipping, and freight forwarding.

Tap into Our FNM World. Ecommerce Logistics Tailored Around You

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    Warehousing & Distribution

    We enjoy successful partnerships because we always work to maximize the supply chain procedures including distribution and warehousing.

  • 2
    Government & Global Compliance

    Efficient governmental and trade compliance can break or make a global supply chain. We have the boxes to ensure a sustainable e-commerce supply chain.

  • 3
    Pick and Pack

    FNM offers accurate and quality pick & pack solutions for all order types. Our distribution is customized to your needs to ensure first-class service.

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    Returns & Handling

    This is a complicated part of the value chain. FNM has formed consistent return sections in our facilities for stock returns, quality assessments, etc.

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