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As an independent trading company in UAE, we supply all types and brands of marine spare parts for any type of vessel, just about anywhere in the world. To ensure low transport costs and fast delivery wherever you are, we keep our stock in four warehouses, strategically positioned around the world.
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Clearance of ship spares parts of all types are routinely cleared for our customers by our dedicated department staff. Due to the extensive size of the warehousing from which we operate, we are able to hold stores for incoming vessels for longer periods of time to suit uncertain vessel movements. Economical onward delivery of spares to vessels is enhanced by our ability to deliver smaller consignments along with regular stores delivery, thereby avoiding duplication of transport charges.
FNM has a special team which assists the technical superintendents during their stay for any requirements in the UAE.
FNM are able to provide full agency services to our clients. Most clients who avail of this service find that they are able to make considerable savings by entrusting all vessel requirements to one party, thereby substantially reducing transportation costs. Services include looking after all vessel staff requirements, visas etc.

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We exist to keep the vessels sailing, seamlessly.

Vessels are meant to keep sailing and we assist in keeping them do so.
We're not just a 9 to 5 running office or organization, We work on international timezones and are available round the clock, throughout the week, regardless of our schedules.

Being a registered vendor with handful shipping giants, we maintain a database of complete technical details and installation of the fleet owned by our clients globally, this helps us in providing utmost and compatible machinery, equipment or replacements, while on the go, without wasting a moment, studying the subject.

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FNM is a reputable and growing general trading in Dubai serving the UAE and the world. Our benefits are far-reaching:
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We boast on the ground presence in all key markets and topnotch reputation in the borders we operate.

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We leverage our experience and intelligence to to secure the best deals and partnerships across the world


A highly flexible and tailored service which is customized to the individual needs of our customers and clients.


FNM strongly believes in creating future together notion, based on transparency and honesty with customers.


Loyalty is earned, and we do this by providing world class products and being noted for quality and assurance.

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